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LGBTQ youth are well represented within the population of persons served by this agency. All persons served are encouraged to be expressive and self-accepting, and value their worth as individuals. CSKF embraces individuality and reinforces the right of each person served to be treated objectively, without bias or discrimination. CSKF is inclusive of all persons served and is committed to providing gender sensitive services, and ensure that persons served have access to community based professionals that are knowledgeable and provide treatment interventions that are appropriate and sensitive to the needs of the agency's LGBTQ population.  CSKF social workers are proactive in accessing gender relevant services that are supportive and embracing of each individual's culture, sexual preference or gender identification.


CSKF core services are client centered and

inclusive of the needs of persons served. A

consistent theme of cultural sensitivity, sexual

orientation, and gender identity and gender

expression is woven into the fabric of all

agency programs and services. Agency

clients are encouraged to express food

preference, language, dress, customs, holidays

and personal events that are important to them or their families.

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