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Essential Qualifications
to Become a Resource Family 
How do I become a Resource Parent?

State law mandates certain personal, safety and space requirements for minors. Your home will be evaluated to provide you with special information and recommendations for your home to meet the Licensing Regulations. The interview is aimed to assess your background, desires, motives, and purpose for becoming a foster parent. At your convenience, you will meet with a qualified staff member for an interview and orientation. At this time, it will be determined if you will be able to obtain DOB, FBI, and CAI Clearances.


Essential Qualification to Become a Resource Family
  • It begins with a heart to help children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect

  • Patience and time are essential in helping meet the needs of children in the foster care system

  • Must have a home to accommodate children (Apartment is acceptable)

  • Must have a valid driver license

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must understand the basic care elements of supervision, hygiene and safety of children

  • Must have reliable transportation and insurance

  • Must be willing to undergo a thorough background check under FBI, DOJ and Child Abuse

  • Must be willing to complete a 30 hour pre-approval training 


Step by Step on How to Become a RF

Creative Solutions is required to complete a Comprehensive Assessment of your family and home

There are a few  major steps in completing the Comprehensive Assessment which includes:


  • Attending our 5 day 30 hour training (Online training is available for spouse if unable to attend)

  • Completing the Application Packet

  • Becoming CPR and First Aid Certified

  • Water Safety Education is required if you own a pool or there is a pool in your community

  • Preparing your home to conform with State Licensing regulations for the safety of the children to be placed in your care

  • A home Inspection is done to verify that you meet these standards

  • A family Evaluation is completed of your family


How to Become a Med Frag/ISFC Homes/RF

Becoming a Specialized home to serve children with medical conditions or children who require intensive services  requires the following:

  • Must meet all required qualifications as noted above 

  • 10 Hours of additional  training is scheduled to prepare you for Specialized services such as Medically Fragile and Intensive Services

  • For Medically Fragile you are required to complete a physical and TB

Support We Provide to Families

Creative Solutions has a strong support system in place such as assigning a social worker to your home for support to the family and child.  

Creative Solutions provides monthly training to all of our resource families to empower and educate the families to help equip and educate.


Our mental Health department ensures that the child receives mental health services in the comfort of your own home if needed. Out of home therapy sessions can become very cumbersome due to the time it takes to travel etc.


Contact us to Become a Resource Family

Look for:   Pamela Tarango

Tel. No.:    951-924-9791

Email   :

Frequently Asked Questions

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