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Creative Solutions For Kids and Families'
Leadership as one of the Case Studies in this recently published book

In his recently published book from "Small to Large Growing Social Impact Organizations" by, Zoot Velasco (Director of the Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research in California State University at the Mihaylo College of Business in Fullerton, CA) included Dr. Ryan Cargando as one of the case studies in his book.  Mr. Velasco in his research  covered extensively  6,450 Non-profits in Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. “Of the 6,450  Non-Profits  only 3.2 percent (207) in total grew by double or more in 2012. The study explored each of these organization’s closely. Of these 207 organizations, 14 percent were defunct by 2018. Another 51 percent shrunk back down to their former size in 2008 or froze at 2012 numbers. Fourteen percent of these heroes were tiny organizations that made it from small to growing. They grew significantly every year from 2008 to 2018, but never were able to get that 1million a year budget.  And then there are the Recession Stars,  29 organizations that started small in 2008 grew by more than 200 percent during the recession and continued to grow.” 

Mr. Velasco, with an MBA in Non-profit Management at Hope International University and author of the book: The First Hundred Days: Leading Non-Profits Out of the Wilderness,  lists the common organizational characteristics found among these Recession Stars. In speaking with the leaders of these thriving non-profits, Dr. Cargando being one of them, Mr. Velasco identified these five essential common attributes:

  1. Dynamic Leadership - Mr. Velasco accounts for how Dr. Cargando has built CSKF from a startup in 2005 to a financially and operationally sound organization and grew significantly until 2018. 

  2. Mission-Driven Mentality – Recession stars are mission driven businesses.

  3. Strategic Partnership - Recession stars achieved best results by establishing relationships and collaborations  with stake holders, staff and clients.

  4. Innovation and Quality - Quoting Mr. Velasco on Dr. Cargando: "His service became a movement of families entwined in his mission. His reputation for excellent care and service snowballed". 

  5. Earned Revenue - Recession stars grow from earned revenue and  does not rely on  grants  and donations.


Mr. Velasco shared his thoughts on how consequential it is to stay relevant and therefore valuable which can be summed up in this quote by Albert Einstein: "Strive not to be a success but to be of value" .   


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