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Our Specialty Mental Health Treatment Programs are designed to heal, empower and stabilize children and youth through individualized, trauma-informed treatment services.

CSKF mental health services may include but not limited to the following:

  • Assessment - Designed to evaluate the current status of persons served and to determine the persons's mental, emotional or behavioral health.

  • Plan Development - The development and approval of a client's treatment plan and the monitoring of his or her treatment progress. 

  • Targeted Case Management - A client specific service designed to monitor, track and broker services needed by persons served to enable access to needed medical, dental, educational, social, prevocational, vocational, rehabilitative services or to gain access to other community support services necessary to enhance functioning and ameliorate mental health disorders of persons served.

  • Individual, Family or Group Therapy - Designed to provide a reduction of mental disability and symptomology with an objective of restoration, improvement or maintenance of functioning with the specific goals of personal development, independent living,  reunification, permanence and/or self-sufficiency. Individual, group and family therapy are the primary modalities used to achieve service outcomes, but may also include assessment, plan development, therapy rehabilitation and collateral contacts directed toward enhancing the care and treatment of the persons served.

  • Collateral - CSKF clinician actively engage in linking clients to skilled professional persons that can best meet the specific treatment needs of persons served and enable them to better achieve the goals set forth in the person's treatment plan. This function may involve collaboration, consultation, training and/or family counseling of persons served.

  • Intensive Home Based Services (IHBS) - Intensive service provided in the home, school, and community intended to deliver crisis intervention, remediate targeted behaviors, and promote stability of placement. The treatment team of licensed clinician, therapist, and behavioral specialist collaborate with the agency social worker and resource parent to help clients achieve short term goals and inculcate successful behavior management skills.

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