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Message from the Founder

 Ryan Cargando, PhD


     Our  agency is  embarking  a  new milestone  with our  expanded  programs and  services.  The last year  has  marked  new partnerships  and collaboration in our community and other  counties.  Recently,  we have ventured into our mental health services by providing individual counseling to our children in their foster  homes  and  behavioral support services designed to  teach them coping skills  and promote emotional stability.  We have  been providing psycho-social assessments or family evaluation to families in Ventura County for  family preservation and permanency.

We are a dynamic foster care treatment agency due to our innovative and creative services  and approach to treatment. We view each child  as  unique and  we  work hard  to  make  sure that we  meet their  needs.  In  addition,  we   care  about  their  birth families and endeavor  to support  their  journey towards reunification by  serving  as  advocates  for  linkages and  connection  to  a  faith community where  they may find  their purpose  and  healing.


I also  believe in supporting  resource  families and  empowering  them  to effectively meet the needs of  children  and  youth in  their  care.  We  strive  to  implement a  cohesive  approach to treatment through our  behavioral intervention  and  support.


I  am blessed  to  work  with  a  team  of  resilient  and  purposeful professionals  who are highly committed  to  serve  children  and  families.


To all of Creative Solutions'  board members, staff, foster families, community partners and individual patrons, Thank you.



Ryan M. Cargando, PhD

Founder & CEO

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