Dr. Ryan Cargando founded Creative Solutions with a mission "to uplift the lives of the children and families by providing treatment services that promote permanency and healing."
His  breadth of experience  in child  welfare covers over 20 years of  work  in Social Work-as social worker, supervisor and  agency administrator.  Ryan's  values  and  vision  is deeply rooted in wanting to care for others, in listening with an empathetic heart and acting with a renewed faith hoping for the best outcomes for children and families.
His educational background includes  a doctorate in Philosophy, graduate studies in Theology and Psychology.
Ryan's previous experience in teaching and  administrative duties  in graduate  school  and  non-government organization in the Philippines  have  contributed  to his success in establishing  CSKF.
Ryan M. Cargando, PhD
Barbra Castillo

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Cargando, BSN, RN

Assistant Executive Director/HR

Arleen Cabrera, MBA

Corporate Compliance Officer

Executive Team

Key Staff



Linda Montoya, MS

Linda B. Bays Montoya has  been with  Creative Solutions  for over 12 years.  Linda's journey is unique  and  one  that evolved  into  a   prospering career.  Linda received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of La Verne in 2007 with honors. Linda began working at Creative Solutions in 2007 as a Social Work Assistant. Linda continued her education and received a Master of Science degree in Psychology from California Coast University. Throughout her tenure with Creative Solutions, Linda has held various positions as Agency Social Worker, Senior Social Worker and Supervising Social Worker. As the administrator,Linda  oversees the programs and services of the agency.  Linda is also a proud mother of two.

Pamela T..PNG

Resource Family Manager

Pamela Tarango

Pamela Tarango has a vibrant account of experience with almost 20 years in the child welfare field. Her passion is to work with children and families. Pam believes in healing children and families through interventions that promote connection, trust, redirection, and relationship. Pam's Christian faith has influenced her commitment and desire to see more families step up in the frontlines and extend their love and support to vulnerable children.  Her notable experiences with Creative Solutions includes staff and foster parent training and business  development. As the RFA manager,  Pam  ensures  that our foster families  are  equipped  to  meet  the  needs  of  persons served

Supervising Social Worker

Maria Flores, MFT

For Creative Solutions and its families served, Maria Flores spreads compassion, receptivity, and professionalism in a myriad of circumstances. She has been working with at-risk youth for almost 10 years and often facilitates staff and foster parent trainings with her knowledge and bi-lingual accuracy. She received her Bachelors degree in Human Services and Masters of Science degree in Counseling with a specialization in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy from the University of Phoenix. She has been a valuable member of the Creative Solutions team since 2008, holding experiences as Support Staff, Assistant Social Worker, Agency Social Worker, and now as a Supervising Social Worker.


Supervising Social Worker

Michelle Crain, MS

Michelle earned her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Guidance and Counseling at Alcorn State University in Mississippi. She has practiced social work for over 20 years in California and in Tennessee. She has worked in many different settings such as group homes, FFA’s and juvenile shelters. Some of her experiences include agency social worker, child counselor, lead social worker, and supervisor. Michelle has been an Agency Social Worker and Supervising Social Worker for Creative Solutions for over 10 years. Michelle is welcoming, supportive, always smiles, and makes others smile with her positive attitude.  Michelle conducts various staff and foster parent trainings for Creative Solutions, and is very much involved in foster youth activities, including various teen social outings, support trainings, mentoring and facilitating Back-to-School Night.


HR Specialist

Noel Motus, MBA

Noel joins our team with a “plateful” of experience and an accomplished career in the hospitality industry. His work background spans over 30 years as Hotel Food and Beverage Director and Restaurant General Manager for Hilton owned brands. He makes no secret about it that the main ingredient to his success is his ability to collaborate with everyone in the organization sharing the same values, focusing on the same vision and working together to achieve the same goals.  Noel  has  many years of  HR experience  during  his  management career, which  included recruitment, interviewing, hiring, orientation, training,  and personnel management. Noel is engaged in volunteer work at church and  serves  other  non-profit corporation.  He  holds a  bachelors degree from Ateneo de Manila in the Philippines and his Master of Business administration in West Cliff University.

Program Staff


Licensed Clinician

Dr. Munir Sewani

Munir A Sewani, Ph.D.  is a licensed psychologist and marriage family therapist.  He has over 30 years of experience in community mental health.  He has worked with Riverside County Department of Mental Health, San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health and California State Department of State Hospitals. 

lucy 2_edited.jpg

Agency Nurse

Lucia Villanueva, BSN, RN

Lucy is a licensed registered nurse and has over 13 years of experience to include providing critical care for heart and kidney transplant patients. Additionally, she also provided direct bed side care to a telemetry patient who requires constant monitoring at Sharp Memorial Hospital from 2004-2012. Lucy is passionate in caring for people and exudes compassion and care to her patients. Lucy is currently serving children and youth who requires specialized health care needs or are considered medically fragile.

Agency Consultant

Louis Hodnett,MSW

Mr. Hodnett served as CSKF's Agency Administrator since 2010. He was employed with CSKF for ten years before he retired on April 15, 2018. During his tenure, Mr. Hodnett has made meaningful contribution to CSKF's growth, program expansion and CARF Accreditation. His commitment to client care, treatment and supportive services to resource parents captured the mission and core values of CSKF. Currently, Mr. Hodnett continues to serve the organization in another capacity. He offered his services as Agency Consultant.  Mr. Hodnett specializes in the development, enhancement and evaluation of foster family agency administrative and treatment services to achieve maximum treatment effectiveness, program efficiency and compliance.